How to Change Name on SAS Airlines Ticket?

How Can You Change Name On SAS Airlines Ticket?

SAS Airlines tries to provide an excellent travel experience through its flexible rules, inflight amenities, and many more things. If someone is looking for a name change on a booked SAS Airlines flight ticket it can be possible but, certain rules or regulations will be applicable, and also, the passenger must be under the right procedure to change his name on an SAS Airlines flight ticket. Here you will get everything related to the name change or correct. Before doing anything, just learn ‘how to change the name on the SAS Airlines ticket’.

Change the name on SAS Airlines ticket via website/App:

  • Open any search engine and type URL and then, pick your country.
  • After selecting your country, you would be eligible to visit the homepage where you can go with the My Booking menu.
  • Now, you have to write some details about the flight ticket namely the electronic ticket number and other important things.
  • Next, reach out to the Search Flight button and access your travel itinerary.
  • Here you can go with the name change facility and make changes. (If you are applicable)
  • Pay the name change fee as per the suitable payment option. (The name change or correction charges will be applicable as per the policy)

Change the name on SAS Airlines ticket via Call:

  • Make a phone call on the presented helpline number of SAS Airlines.
  • During the call, you can speak with a live person from the airline.
  • Share your booking information such as ticket number or other things.
  • Get complete help for the name correction or change from the live personnel of the airline.

Name change on a SAS Airlines ticket at the Airport:

  • You have to visit the nearest airport or booking counter of SAS Airlines.
  • Now, fill out the name correction or change form and check the eligibility of the name change.
  • After submitting all things, your name will be corrected by the travel officer of SAB Airlines.

SAS Airlines Name Change Policy

As you understand, Maximum Airlines doesn’t provide the ability to change the entire name of the passenger and the same things would apply to SAS Airlines.

  • Apart from that, you must read all the details of the SAS Airlines name change policy.
  • If any passenger is holding legal documents or authorized reasons then, he/she can change their name but, the supporting documents must be approved by the travel authority.
  • If the name has changed, the name must be matched from the entire travel documents namely boarding pass, passport, visa, affidavit, or other related documents.
  • According to the SAS Airlines Name Change Policy, the passenger will not get the facility to transfer the ticket ownership to the other passenger.
  • The name change request will be approved if it has been completed from the official sources mobile app, customer service, website, or directly from the airport of SAS Airlines.
  • If someone is unable to change their name then, he/she can reschedule their flight ticket date for the same destination place.
  • The passenger needs to pay the name change charges but, it will also depend on the destination place, class, distance, duration, or other essential things.

SAS Airlines Name Correction Policy

The name correction rules will be applicable for all the categories, classes, or other essential things.

  • Passengers will get the eligibility maximum of 3 characters from the incorrect name.
  • Apart from that, passenger can also correct the 3 characters on their title name or other itinerary of the booked flight ticket of SAS Airlines.
  • If anyone is looking to correct their middle name it can also be possible but, the correct middle name must be matched with the government-authorized ID.
  • As per the SAS Airlines Name Correction Guidelines, if someone corrects minor corrections to the name then, he/she needs to pay around 75 to 125 US dollars as name correction charges.
  • In the case of the middle name correction, you have to pay around 200 US dollars as a name correction fee.
  • The name correction should be completed at least 3 hours before the departure of the flight time.
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