How Can I Change Name on ANA Airlines Ticket

If someone is looking for a name change on booked flight ticket booking ANA Airlines so just read the comprehensive details of the policy along with the flight date change procedure. So, just reach out the given steps and learn ‘How To Change Name On ANA Airlines Ticket.

Change name on ANA Airlines flight ticket online

  • Step 1: To reach out to the ANA Airlines website/mobile application.
  • Step 2: Hit on the menu of the My Booking.
  • Step 3: Add the flight ticket details such as reservation or E-ticket number along with other details & hit the search button.
  • Step 4: If you are accessing your booking itinerary then, reach out to the name section.
  • Step 5: Make changes to your name. (If you are eligible)
  • Step 6: Pay the name change charges. (As per the policy)

Change name on ANA Airlines flight ticket offline

  • Reach out to the website/mobile application of ANA Airlines.
  • Find the calling option and make the phone call.
  • During the call, you can keep your query related to the name change and you will get the quickest and fastest solution from the live person of the airline.

ANA Name Change Policy

  • Due to security reasons, ANA Airlines doesn’t offer the opportunity to change their entire name on booked flight tickets.
  • In case, any passenger is submitting the legitimate reason or authorized documents namely a marriage certificate, adoption papers, affidavit, or divorce paper then, he/she would be eligible for the name change.
  • After correcting your name, the entire spelling must be matched from the travel documents such as passport, boarding pass, visa, or immigration documents.
  • Passengers will not get the opportunity to transfer or reverse the ownership of the flight ticket the another traveler.
  • As per the ANA Airlines Name Change Policy, the name change rules will be not applied to the infant, group booking, pet reservation, or child booking name changes.
  • ANA Airlines applies the name change charges using the various elements from the passenger flight ticket.
  • Generally, the name change cost will cover the destination place, time, duration, class, fare type, or other major things.
  • If any wishes to change their name after submitting the legal documents then, he/she needs to pay around 200 US dollars.
  • The name change must be completed at least 7 days before the departure flight date.
  • If any passenger is unable to change their name then, he/she can change their flight ticket booking for the same destination place.

ANA Name Correction Guidelines

  • Passengers will get the leverage to correct the limited character of the passenger name.
  • Passengers can only correct a minimum of 3 characters from the flight ticket.
  • The corrected name must be matched with the government-issued ID.
  • The name correction will be applicable from legitimate sources namely the website or mobile app or with the customer service helpline number of ANA Airlines.
  • As per the ANA Airlines Name Correction Rules, if any flyer is unable to correct their name then, he/she can place the flight reschedule request for the same destination place.
  • If someone is looking to correct their middle name it can be possible but the correct middle name must be matched with a government ID.
  • If someone wishes to change their title name or other things from the booking itinerary then, it can be corrected but, the passenger can only correct 3 characters.
  • The name correction request should be filled out 180 minutes before the departure of the flight time.
  • The name correction charges can be free of cost but, the name correction request must be raised within the first 24 hours of the flight ticket purchase.

ANA Name Correction Fee

  • The passenger needs to pay the name correction charges but, it will also depend on the class or fare type of the passenger.
  • If someone is looking to correct a middle name then, he/she needs to pay around 200 US dollars as a name correction fee of the ANA Airlines.
  • If anyone is looking for the title name correction it would be free of cost but, the title name correction must be completed within 24 hours of the booking.
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