How do I Change Name on British Airways Ticket?

Did you find the wrong name on your British Airways flight ticket after purchasing it?  Don’t panic. The Airways allows their passengers to make a name change or correction on their flight ticket under the change name policy and rules. Here is a guide that gives you complete information about what to do if misspell your name on a British flight ticket.

Therefore, read this guide to know the basic details about name change or correction rules on British flights.

How to Make a British Airways Name Change or Correction on Ticket?

It is not a complex procedure for British Airways Name Correction on Ticket. The passengers are allowed to make a name correction or change through some easiest approaches. Such as by visiting the official Airways website, or contact with the airport counter/helpdesk or by phone calling the British Airways customer support number.

Change Name By Official Website

The travellers have the first option to make a British Airways Name Change by going to the official website of Airways with the help of the Manage Booking facility. Let’s see the given defined steps.

  • First, an official visit the British Airways via any browser help on your PC or laptop.
  • Once you reach the home page, you must select the Manage Booking section.
  • Next, enter the booking reference code and the passenger’s last name in the boxes.
  • Then, tap on the Find My Booking button to access your booking information.
  • Next, you will be able to see your entire booking itinerary, so select a flight ticket in which you need to name change or correction.
  • Tap on the Name correction link at the right top of the page, and follow the procedure to make a British Airways Name Change.
  • You can change or correct your name up to three characters only, and once you are done tap on the Confirm button.
  • Then, you will need to pay the compulsory change name fees and complete the procedure.
  • Afterwards, finally, your flight ticket will be sent to your contact phone number and email address.

Name Correction By Call

If any travellers want to talk to a representative to make name changes or corrections to their booked flight tickets! Then there is a possibility to directly contact at British Airways customer support phone number which is available 24/7 for passenger assistance.

  • First, dial a British Airways phone number to connect with a customer support executive.
  • After connecting, provide the flight ticket-related details to the executive.
  • Then, requests to make a name change or correction on your ticket.
  • You can correct or alter your name up to three characters only, and take appropriate help.
  • Afterwards, the executive will assist you in providing to reissue the flight ticket.

By Airport Ticket Counter or Kiosk

In spite, the travellers have another option to request British Airways Name Change by visiting the airport ticket counter or kiosk. Through this approach, travellers can take immediate assistance to rectify their names or errors on tickets. But, ensure that the passengers will require supporting documents in hand including their passport, marriage certificate, divorce decree or any other government-issued document as per their request.

British Airways Name Change Policy:

The passengers are allowed to make a name correction or change on the basis the following some name change rules and policy.

  • British Airways Name Change Policy is convenient for travellers and states that travellers can make a minor name change or correction to their misspelt name on the ticket. The passengers can make a name correction of up to three characters only, free of charge.
  • The name change policy and rules say that, at the time of name change or correction, passengers should carefully provide the correct spelling of their name and document to authorize their identity.
  •  The passengers must need to double-check their name spelling when going through the process of name change or correction and also booking their flight ticket.
  • British Airways Name Change Policy is helpful and flexible for travellers in that case, they need to name change due to legal reasons. The passengers can name change easily and it’s not limited to a few characters in the event of marriage or divorcé. Only the passengers are required to submit the relevant document to prove their authorizations.
  • British Airways allows to passengers make name changes on their booked flight tickets like typos, spelling mistakes, or name corrections due to marriage or divorce cases, and some specific conditions.

British Airways Name Change Fees

Generally, there is no fee required to pay in the case, if the passenger requests a name change or correction within 24 hours of the flight booking ticket. Normally, a name change charge of up to 50 $ per change is required.

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