How to Change Name on Hawaiian Airlines Ticket?

Travelers are not allowed to travel with a misspelled name on the reservation. Airlines allowed passengers to board with a mismatched name. Mistake of name is a common phenomenon, although it’s a very serious issue while traveling with an airline. However, the airlines understood the scenario and allowed change on the reservation. Like any other airline in the Aviation industry, change name Hawaiian Airlines is also possible. This airline provides a smooth name change policy that allows passengers to change their name whether it’s for marriage, divorce, or spelling mistakes.

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Understanding the name change policy is very important before attempting a change as it helps to understand your situation thoroughly. The policy provides instructions and guidelines to change or modification on passenger’s name on reservations. Airline ticket ownership change is strictly restricted. It’s not the one, more limitations are there in the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy. Let’s take a look at the name change policy.

  • The airlines are only allowed to change names on reservations that are brought from Hawaiian’s direct channels.
  • A legal name change will be possible with the airline’s name change policy by producing relevant documents like marriage or divorce certificates.
  • Passengers can make a minor modification of up to three characters in their name on the reservation.
  • Passengers can change their name on reservations free of cost if changes within 24 hours of the booking interval.


Methods to change name on Hawaiian airlines reservation

It is necessary to modify a wrong name in the reservation as airlines are not allowed to board on flight with a wrong name. Name change is very easy for Hawaiian passengers as flexibility is the fundamental stone of this airline. The airlines also open various methods to change their customers’ names on reservations. As the situation demands, the name change methods are very flexible and straightforward. Read the below-mentioned methods for correcting the passenger’s name on Hawaiian reservations.

Correction via Hawaiian’s official site

  • Visit Hawaiian Airlines’ official site through your favorite web search browser.
  • On the airline’s page, go to the ‘Manage booking’ section.
  • Enter the booking reference number along with the passenger’s last name to access the section.
  • Then, the website will display the booking, review the booking and click on ‘Change name’
  • After that, make the changes and click on ‘Continue’
  • Then, make the payment if necessary.
  • After that, the service provider will send a confirmation about your modification to your registered mobile or email address.

Correction via phone call

Passengers can correct their reservation via phone call. Make a call to the reservation department number and request them to change your name on the reservation. The customer care representative will ask for your booking details to access the booking and also ask for the supporting document to roll the process further. After that, if needed you need to pay the change fee and make a correction on your reservation.

Correction via ticket counter

The airport office and the ticket counter are also an option for a passenger to correct their name on the reservation. Just visit the office and request them to correct it. The support person may need some supporting documents to process the same. The support person will process the same after producing the documents like Marriage Certificate, Court Orders, Divorce Decree, Passport, and Other Legal Documents.

Hawaiian name changes fees

Making name corrections in the flight reservation always needs some penalty. However, passengers get the opportunity to change their name free of cost in the scenario like change within 24 hours. Passengers can also get the opportunity to make a minor change in their name free of cost who has booked tickets through the airline. Meanwhile, the passengers need to pay a change fee of US$25 per ticket as a service charge when booking the ticket from a third-party travel agent.

Hawaiian Airlines name correction is very easy by following proper guidelines. The change policy only allowed the tickets that were operated and marked by the airlines. Moreover, the airlines allowed only one change per ticket. Date-of-birth, gender, and passenger’s titles are not allowed to change under the name change policy. Add to this, that flight dates, times, and destinations are not allowed to change under the flight change policy. For more details, passengers can contact the airline’s customer support person.

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