How to Change Singapore Airlines Flight

Going places can be fun but sometimes things happen that you didn’t expect and you have to change your plans. If you need to change your flight with Singapore Airlines then this guide will help you do it. It will tell you what the airline’s rules are for changes and how you can change your booking using different ways.

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Policy

Understanding how Singapore Airlines lets you change your flight is really important before you try to change anything. It depends on what type of ticket you bought. Here are some important things to think about:

1. Type of Ticket:

If you bought a more expensive ticket then. You can usually change your flight with little or no extra cost. But if you got a cheaper ticket then changing your flight might cost a lot of money or you might not be able to change it at all.

2. When You Change:

If you wait until the last minute to change your flight then it will probably cost more. Changing your flight early can save you money on fees.

3. Destination:

The fees for changing your flight might be different depending on where you’re flying to.

When you book your flight make sure you understand the rules for changing it. You can usually find this information when you book your flight or in the email you get confirming your ticket.

Methods to Change Your Singapore Airlines Flight

Changing your Singapore Airlines flight can be done in three main ways:

1.Online via Manage Booking:

If you bought your ticket directly from Singapore Airlines or through their official mobile app then this is the easiest way to make changes.

  • Go to the Singapore Airlines website and find the “Manage Booking” section.

  • Have your booking reference number and the passenger’s last name ready.

  • Once logged in then choose “Change Flight” and follow the steps on the screen. You’ll see available flights for your route and any fees for changes.

  • Pick your new flight and pay if needed.

This way only works for tickets bought through Singapore Airlines’ website or offices and for fares that allow changes.

2.Contact Singapore Airlines Customer Service:

If you can’t change your flight online or got your ticket from a travel agent then contact Singapore Airlines customer service.

  • Call them or use the online contact form on their website.

  • Have your booking reference number along with passenger info and reason for the change ready.

  • A customer service rep will help you along with explain fees as well as confirm your new flight.

3. Contact Your Travel Agent:

If you booked through a travel agent then they’ll handle the change for you.

  • Call your nearby travel agent and tell them about your issue..

  • They’ll work with Singapore Airlines to update your booking.

  • Remember one thing that travel agents might charge extra for this service.

Tips For You

Here are some extra tips to make changing your Singapore Airlines flight easier:

  1. If you decide to change your flight quickly then you’ll probably have more choices and might pay less in fees.

  2. Look at different flights Singapore Airlines offers. You might find one that fits your new plans better and costs less to change.

  3. Before you make the change make sure you know all the costs. This includes any extra fees and the price difference for the new flight.


Changing your Singapore Airlines flight is not hard if you plan well and know the airline’s rules. Just remember one thing that how easy it is and what fees you might pay depend on the type of ticket you have.


Q1. What if I miss my Singapore Airlines flight because something unexpected happens?

If you miss your flight because of something you couldn’t control then Singapore Airlines might help that depending on what’s going on. It is very necessary to call them as soon as you can to talk about what you can do. They might let you book a seat on the next available flight but you might have to pay more or change your ticket. To get help in these situations call Singapore Airlines customer service and explain why you missed your flight.

Q2. Can I switch my Singapore Airlines flight to a different place?

Yes of course you might be able to change your flight to a different destination. But this is like getting a whole new route so it could cost more than just changing the time or date. The airline will figure out the difference in price between your original ticket and the new one and plus any extra fees. To find out about changing where you’re going talk to Singapore Airlines customer service or your travel agent if you used one.

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