How do I Change my WestJet Flight?

Travel plans change, no matter it is a personal trip or you planned for a professional trip. WestJet, a globally popular airline company, offers a flexible flight change and cancellation policy. Our today’s write-up is all about the policies and procedures of changing flights. We will also talk about the tricks you need to know for doing this job effortlessly. If you want to make any change in your air trip, please understand the change WestJet flight policy first. This policy is designed to offer extra flexibility while also maintaining the airline’s operational efficiency. Go through this post to know how to change a flight for any sudden change in weather or your travel plan.

WestJet flight change policy

  • WestJet has fare options that include flexibility, allowing changes without a fee. This is particularly beneficial for travelers who anticipate potential changes in their plans.
  • In the event of a travel advisory affecting your destination, WestJet provides even more lenient change and cancellation options, waiving fees and offering fare differences in certain cases.
  • For fares that do not include flexibility, standard change fees may apply. These fees vary depending on the fare type and the specifics of the change requested.
  • If you cancel, funds will be returned as a Travel Bank credit; WestJet dollars will be returned to your account with the original expiration date.
  • For changes due to travel advisories, WestJet will waive the change or cancellation fee. You can change your travel dates or destination under certain conditions without being charged a fare difference.

How to change WestJet flight

Review Your Itinerary: Start by reviewing your current flight details. Understanding your existing booking will help you determine the changes needed and any potential costs associated.

Decide on New Flight Details: Consider your new preferred destination, date, and time. Having this information ready will streamline the process when you contact WestJet or make changes online.

Contact WestJet: You can change your flight by calling WestJet’s Sales Super Centre or through the airline’s official website. The Sales Super Centre can be reached at helpline number.

Online Changes: If you prefer to make changes online, visit WestJet’s ‘Manage Flights’ section on their website.

Payment of Fare Difference: If your new flight is more expensive than the original, you’ll need to pay the fare difference.

Confirmation: Once the changes are made, ensure you receive confirmation of your new flight details.

Steps to change your WestJet flight online

  1. Visit WestJet official website
  2. Go to the MANAGE TRIPS option and click on it
  3. A drop-down list will appear
  4. Click on MANAGE FLIGHTS and get the FIND YOUR TRIPS icon open
  5. Now you need to enter your reservation code and last name
  6. Hit the SEARCH icon then
  7. On the next page, choose the booking you wish to make changes to

Tips to help you in changing the flight

We suggest making the changes early as it will give you an extra edge. Change Date WestJet Flight increases the likelihood of finding a suitable alternative flight and can sometimes result in lower fare differences. Read the fine print of WestJet’s change and cancellation policy. Knowing the details can help you avoid unexpected fees and make informed decisions. WestJet offers various resources to assist travelers with changes and cancellations. Their website provides detailed information, and customer service representatives are available to help with any queries.


You can read WestJet Flight Change Policy. Please contact the agent or another airline if you booked the ticket with their assistance. Thanks to the airline’s management for their user-friendly policies. We request you contacting the reservation officials for collecting detailed information regarding the same. These professionals are carrying in-depth domain knowledge. Plus, they have been serving the aviation industry for a long time. You can contact them in a number of ways, including phone support, chat support, or social media support. All these support services are completely passenger-friendly.

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