How do I Change Name on Copa Airlines Ticket?

Copa Airlines Name Change

Sometimes, passengers enter incorrect or spelling errors or misspelled names on their booked flight tickets but, if you are getting the same problem with Copa Airlines so don’t need to worry, because Copa Airlines offers an opportunity to correct or change the passenger name without much more effort. Let’s see, how do I  Change the Name of Copa Airlines?

Methods to Change Name on Copa Airlines Ticket:

Passengers are allowed to change their name using the website/mobile app or phone call of Copa Airlines. Just, read the given instructions and learn each way with step-by-step instructions.

Method 1: Steps to change Name via Online:

  • First of all, just go to the official website of Copa Airlines via any web browser.
  • Then, click on the ‘Check-in/My Trip’ option.
  • Enter your ‘Ticket or confirmation Number’ and ‘First and last name’.
  • Now, press the Search button.
  • Choose your booking and tap on the ‘Edit’ button.
  • Under the contact information, click on the name.
  • If you are eligible correct your name spelling from the name.
  • Finally, pay for the name changes via a suitable payment mode. (If it is mandatory)

Method 2: Steps to change the name via Offline:

This is also the best way for name correction or change where passengers must connect with travel representatives of Copa Airlines using phone or chat medium. Share the name correction or change information with the travel representative and get assured assistance with every possibility.

Copa Airlines Name Change Policy

If Someone Wants to Change Their Passenger Name, before Change The Name Read Copa Airlines Name Change Policy.

  • As per the policy, travelers are allowed to correct only three letters of the name.
  • Travelers can change or correct their name 24 hours from the departure of the flight time.
  • Only legal matters or situations or event-based conditions can be permitted for the name change where you need to submit evidence-based documents such as divorce papers or marriage certificates or others.
  • For complete name changing, travelers have to submit related documents such as marriage certificates or others to the concerned authority.
  • To get the complete information and the latest update, you must connect with Copa Airlines executives for perfect assistance.
  • If you are not eligible or unable to change your name then, you can change your flight ticket for the same destination.

Copa Airlines Name Correction Rules

  • As per the name correction rules, the passengers can have their names altered on their tickets.
  • The passengers are allowed to name change/correct their first and middle name, the correction up to a total of 3 characters.
  • As per Copa Airlines Name Correction Policy, the passengers are not allowed to switch their seats between their original and new PNR. Any flight section connected to an incorrect name must be canceled and existing for a refund to avoid a no-show.

Here are different scenarios or conditions when passengers can update Copa Airlines name correction guidelines or rules.

Due to Misspell or Spelling Errors Condition:

Copa Airlines allows name changes on the booked flight ticket if the passengers make spelling errors or a missing part of a passenger’s name or title.

Due to Legally Changed Name Condition:

Copa Airlines allows travelers to make alterations to their booked flight tickets by his/her legally changing their name. The passenger can make a legal change by providing a married surname rather than their maiden surname and must provide legal documentation.

Basic Name Correction Conditions:

Copa Airlines allows passengers to make requests for a name correction or changes such as first name, middle name, and/or family name (surname) must be provided by legal documentation.

Due to Name Modification Conditions:

The passengers are allowed to make requests to add/delete/modify a ticketed infant’s name booked only on a Copa flight.

Due to Mismatch Name Conditions:

The passengers can change or correct their last and first names if they do not match.

Copa Airlines Name Correction Fees:

Copa Airlines Name Correction charges range from 25 US dollars and will be charged to the passengers. However, note that the name correction Fee on the reservation also depends completely on the airline based on the destination, route, specific flight sections, and mileage reward points.

Copa Airlines Name Change Fees:

If you are eligible to change your name then, you need to pay a name fee under the Copa Airlines Name change policy but, it can be waived if the name change request is raised within 24 hours of the flight ticket purchase.

Apart from that, the name change will also be calculated from the passenger’s flight ticket fare, type, category, destination place, situation, conditions, or other essential features. As per the standards, flyers need to be around 50 US dollars to 200 US dollars as a name change fee.

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