How do I Change Name on Delta Airlines Ticket?

Delta Airlines Name Change on Ticket
Delta Airlines Name Change on Ticket

If you have any upcoming flight tickets, then it’s very important to use the correct name spelling in the flight reservation. Correct name spelling is important, as most of the time airlines may deny boarding for a misspelled or incorrect name in the reservation. So, it is important to be more cautious when we make a flight reservation. However, sometimes mistakes happen and passengers type the wrong spelling. In that scenario, airlines provide the facility to change their name in the reservation, but there are some restrictions associated with the procedures. This guide will help you in this regard.

Delta Airlines’ Name Change Policy

Changing a flight reservation is quite a daunting task, but it’s not possible to change. The most important thing to know before initiating to change Delta’s reservations is that the airlines does not entertain any ticket transfer to any passengers to other. If passengers make a mistake in spelling, they must look into the detailed terms and conditions of the airline’s name change policy. Let’s go forward with the terms and conditions to name change.

  • Passengers are allowed to change only three characters per ticket.
  • The airlines allowed to change a passenger’s misspelled name in a reservation only once per ticket.
  • An inverted name can be allowed to change under the policy.
  • The policy also covers the changes in the date of birth along with the gender of the customers.

How to change the name on Delta’s flight ticket?

Change name Delta Airlines ticket is allowed through different channels like the airline’s website, through phone calls, or via airport counters. Passengers can use any of the channels to change their reservation. Otherwise, passengers can also change their name through Delta’s SkyMiles account. But the passengers must remember that passengers can’t change their name entirely to the reservation. Meanwhile, they can change their first or last name with any kind of legal affairs. So, go through the below process of changing your name to a Delta Airlines ticket.

The process to change the name through Delta’s website:

  1. Open your web search browser.
  2. Further, type the airline’s official address at the search bar and go to the airline’s home page.
  3. Here, click on the tab ‘My trips’ and enter the booking reference number along with the passenger’s last name to open the section.
  4. Then, you can access your booking and choose the option ‘Change name’
  5. Enter the correct name and click on the option ‘save Changes’
  6. After that, review the details and make a payment, if necessary.
  7. After payment, you will get the updated information on your registered email or phone number.

The process to change the name through phone call:

  1. Visit Delta’s official site.
  2. Then, open the section ‘Need help’ and followed by going to the option ‘Help Centre’
  3. Here, you will get the customer support number.
  4. Copy the number and call on the number.
  5. After calling, follow the IVR and connect with the desired support executives.
  6. Provide them with your reservation details and request to change your reservation.
  7. The support executives will check your details and change as per requirement.
  8. After changes, you will get a confirmation email on the registered email.

The process to change the name through the Airport counter:

  1. Head to the airport counter.
  2. Then, provide the ticket information to the support representatives.
  3. After getting the request, the representatives review the details.
  4. Followed by providing relevant information like the passenger’s Government details and processing the same.
  5. Then, make a payment through the payment link, if needed.
  6. Thereafter, get the confirmation details on your registered email or phone number.

What is the name change cost to Delta’s reservation?

As we all know correct name spelling is very much important for any air travel. However, it is only the man who makes mistakes, so we just need to correct the spelling in travel tickets whenever we make any mistakes. You will be able to change the passenger name for free if you are doing it within the 24-hour boundary. It becomes $75 to $500 if you are making the change after the risk-free period. Mostly the flight change fee depends upon the route of travel, destination, and other important factors.

Delta Airlines Name Correction on Ticket

  • To guarantee a precise and trouble-free adjustment, there are a few alternatives and procedures for changing the name on a Delta Airlines ticket. When a consumer needs to change their initial name to match the ID that their government supplied, this is a regular scenario. Travel agents can facilitate this modification in some situations by re-releasing the ticket after making the necessary corrections to the initial name and OSI (other service information).
    In a same vein, a travel agent can accommodate a customer’s request to have his middle name appear on his ticket by adding it, amending the OSI, and issuing the tickets appropriately. It is important to remember that any further changes would need direct Delta Airlines approval if the name has already been modified, including the re-release of the ticket.


  • Additionally, customers can start changing their name on their Delta ticket through a number of different means. Visiting the official Delta Airlines website is an accessible method. Generally, the website offers an easy-to-use interface for booking management, along with choices for changing the name. As an alternative, people can chat with customer support agents who can walk them through the procedure by calling the dedicated Delta name changes phone number. Email correspondence with the Customer Service department is another option for individuals who prefer written correspondence. This can provide a detailed explanation of the clients’ name change requirements, and the customer support team can help.


  • Consequently. It’s best to confirm the most recent information via Delta’s official channels as some contact details and procedures can change.
    In order to move this procedure along, it is critical to comprehend Delta’s name change policy. Passengers should be aware of the terms and circumstances related to name amendment as airlines revise their policies often. Generally speaking, changing the name of a different person may not be permitted for unusual tickets. Flexible rent choices, on the other hand, can offer greater savings by permitting name changes in exchange for specific costs and adherence to rules.


  • Purchasing a Delta Airlines ticket can be done in a number of ways, including as online, over the phone, or at the airport. Every approach has a unique set of benefits that provide passengers options in a variety of circumstances. Using the online platform is the most practical approach to start the process of changing your name. Travelers should go to the Delta Airlines website and get into their SkyMiles account to start the procedure. Entering the last name, SkyMiles number, and Personal Identification Number (PIN) is necessary to view booking data. For those who would rather handle their reservations themselves, this strategy is very effective because it lets them do so at their own convenience and speed. The phone option is offered for individuals looking for a more direct and responsive engagement. By contacting the customer service number for Delta


  • connected to alternative techniques. This approach is appropriate for people who value prompt assistance and would rather have a human touch to address their concerns. Passengers have the option to use the airport alternative if using the phone or internet is not practicable. If you want to change the name on a Delta ticket, you should get to the airport at least two hours before the departure time. This guarantees that the required administrative procedures have enough time to be completed. For people who need to alter their name at the last minute or who find themselves at the airport already, this approach might be more convenient.


  • Passengers just need to supply their first and last names as they appear on their official identification when making their first reservation. But, since Delta’s precise laws for name changes on tickets are subject to updates and modifications, it is imperative to be aware of them. A number of administrative procedures are involved in changing the name on a Delta ticket, such as verifying the record, making sure the traveler’s information is correct, and updating pertinent documents. In addition to funding the airline’s administrative expenses, the accompanying fees for name changes give passengers the freedom to make changes—even in the final moments before departure. Passengers may alter their names more successfully and smoothly if they are aware of and abide by Delta’s standards.


  • To sum up, Delta Airlines offers a variety of ways for customers to modify the name on a ticket in order to meet a range of needs and preferences. We can say that changing the name on a Delta Airlines ticket involves multiple avenues, including working with travel agents, using online platforms, and contacting customer service. Passengers can navigate the name change process with relative ease, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience, whether they choose to use the online platform, call customer service, or visit the airport in person. Passengers can make sure they are well-informed about the possibilities and limitations of changing their ticket details by being aware of Delta’s name change policy. A seamless and effective name change procedure depends on maintaining current on the most recent regulations, as travel laws are subject to change.


Change Name Delta Airlines Ticket reservation is quite easy by following the strategies of the airline’s name change policy. However, the change process may need fees depending upon the ticket condition. Passengers who face issues while changing their name in the reservation may contact the airline’s support section without hesitating.

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