How do I Change Name on Wizz Air Ticket?

If someone is looking for the rectification or changes on a booked flight ticket of Wizz Air then, he/she must learn about the name change or correction rules and name change procedure. Here you can collect all the presented details related to the name change.

Wizz Air Name Change on Ticket Online

  • Step 1: Reach the website URL or install the same airline’s mobile application.
  • Step 2: Go information and service menu and then, hit on the manage my booking facility.
  • Step 3: Hit the Search button and access your booking itinerary.
  • Step 4: Pick the name change facility and rectify your name.
  • Step 5: Hit on the Next button and then, pay the name change charges. (If it is applicable)

Change Name On Wizz Air Ticket by Phone Call

  • You need to make a phone call to the mentioned helpline number of Wizz Air.
  • Next, speak with a live representative of Wizz Air then, share your booking details.
  • After that, avail yourself the complete assistance for the name change from the knowledgeable and experienced live representative of Wizz Air.

Change Name On Wizz Air Ticket at Airport

  • You must visit the nearby booking counter or the nearest airport.
  • After visiting the Wizz Air reservation counter, just fill out the name change or correction form.
  • Next, submit it to the ticket officer and check the eligibility of the name change.

Wizz Air Name Change Policy

If someone wants to change their incorrect name on the booked reservation of the Wizz Air then, he/she is permitted, certain rules would be applied.

  • Usually, passengers will not get permission to raise an entire name change request but, if someone is holding authorized or legal documents then, he/she would be eligible for the name change.
  • For the legal documents, the passenger needs to submit an affidavit, marriage certificate, adoption certificate, divorce papers, and other authorized papers.
  • If someone is eligible for the name change then, he/she is permitted to name change at least 3 days before the departure of the flight time.
  • As per the Wizz Air Name Change Policy, passengers can also raise the request for a middle name change.
  • In case of a middle name change, the passenger needs to pay the name change fee and then, the correct name must be matched from the government’s official documents.
  • In case, a passenger can’t change their name then, he/she can place a request for a flight change.
  • If the documents are not valid then, the passenger can reschedule their booking or raise the request for the name correction.

Wizz Air Name Correction Guidelines

The name correction rules will apply to all the flight ticket holders of the Wizz Air.

  • Passengers will get the facility to correct only 3 characters from the booked flight ticket of Wizz Air.
  • As per the Wizz Air Name Correction rules, Passenger can also correct their 3 characters on the title name, date of birth, or other wrong details under the Wizz Air flight ticket.
  • The correct name must be matched from the travel documents namely passport, visa, government ID, and other related documents.
  • If someone is unable to correct their name then, he/she will get the opportunity to change their flight ticket for the same location.

Wizz Air Name Correction Fees

Passengers aren’t required to check the eligibility for name correction on booked flight tickets from Wizz Air but, the name correction charges would be applied.

  • The name correction charges would be around 150 to 200 US dollars.
  • In case of legal name correction or changes, the passenger needs to pay around 100 to 150 US dollars as Wizz Air Name correction charges.
  • Apart from that, the name correct or changes fee will also be executed based on the class, distance, duration, destination place, or other related things.
  • If you are permitted for the name correction it can only be made by the online website or mobile app of Wizz Air or with the help of the customer service or directly from the airport under the booking counter of Wizz Air.
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