How Do I Change the Name On Singapore Airlines Ticket?

Singapore Airlines Name Change Ticket
Singapore Airlines Name Change

Singapore Airlines comes with highly tangible rules and regulations and passengers can easily leverage those rules when we talk about the name change or correction on booked flight tickets of Singapore Airlines. So, the passenger must be aware of the process and procedure as well as its rules. You will get everything about Singapore Airlines’ name change or correction procedure and rules here.

Change name on Singapore Airlines ticket online:

  • First of all, you need to open a mobile application or website namely URL.
  • if you have reached the homepage, go with the Manage menu.
  • Here you have to enter a six-digit booking reference number along with your family.
  • Everything has been done then, tap on the Manage booking button and then, access your booking itinerary.
  • If you are eligible then, reach out to the Edit menu where you can change or correct your booked flight ticket name.
  • Lastly, you need to pay the name correction or change charges as per the rules. (If it is mandatory)

Change or correct the name on Singapore Airlines ticket offline:

  • Initially, you need to dial the presented phone call number of the customer service helpdesk at Singapore Airlines.
  • Under the phone call, you would be eligible to speak with a real live person.
  • Share your booking information namely ticket number, family name, or other.
  • Get the perfect assistance to change or correct your name on booked flight ticket reservations with Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy

  • Passengers are only allowed to minor changes or corrections to their booked flight ticket.
  • Passengers will not get permission to change or correct more than three corrections of their name.
  • If someone wishes to change their full name or more than 3 characters then, he/she needs to show the legal or supporting or event-based documents to the travel authority.
  • The event-based documents can be marriage papers, divorce papers, affidavits, and any other government-approved or authorized documents.
  • As per the Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy, passengers are not eligible to change their name after 7 days from the flight departure.
  • In case, the passenger is not permitted to change their name then, he/she can reschedule their flight ticket to the same destination place.
  • If you entered a misspelling in your name then, you need to provide the supporting documents and after correction, your name must be matched with the authorized government ID proof.
  • If you have submitted all the legal proof, your name should be matched from the passport, visa, immigration documents, and government-authorized ID.
  • In case of the marriage name changes, the passenger must submit the affidavit along with the marriage certificate to the travel authority and pay the name change charges.
  • If the passenger is having trouble with the correct or changing their name then connect with the travel help desk of Singapore Airlines where you will get the complete details about the Singapore Airlines name change rules along with step-by-step instructions to change your name from the booked flight ticket of the Singapore Airlines.
  • Passenger will get the liberty to change their middle name but, the name change charges will be applied.
  • Passenger is not allowed to modify their ownership or transfer their ownership to the other passenger.
  • In case, the passenger has booked their flight ticket with the travel agent then, the travel agent would be responsible for the name change or correction.

Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee

The name charges will depend on the eligibility of the passenger’s flight ticket and if any passenger is eligible then, the name change fee will calculate plenty of things namely class, distance, duration, destination, or other major things.

  • In case, the passenger changes their legal name after submitting their documents then, the passenger needs to pay 250 US dollars as a name change fee.
  • In case, the passenger wishes to add their middle name then, the passenger needs to provide 250 US dollars as a middle name change fee.
  • In case of a minor correction then, the passenger needs to pay around 50 US dollars.
  • If anyone is looking to change their name from the Economy class then, the charges would be 75 US dollars.
  • For the Premium economy class, passengers have to pay 200 US dollars as a name change fee.
  • In the case of the Business or First class category, the passenger needs to pay around 200 to 500 US dollars as a Singapore Airlines Name Change fee.
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