How To Change Name On Air France Flight Ticket?

Air France Name Change

If someone has placed an incorrect or misspelled name on an Air France flight ticket then, don’t need to worry, just read the actual procedure to change the name on an Air France flight ticket on multiple platforms as well as under the name change rules and regulations. If you wish to know how to change an Air France flight ticket.

Steps to change the name on Air France flight ticket online

  • First of all, you need to open via any search engine.
  • Now, pick my booking menu.
  • Here you have to write the Booking reference number from the flight ticket such as AQDS123
  • Next, also mention the last name in the text box and hit the Search button.
  • Under the booking itinerary, you can pick the name correction or change option.
  • Enter the right spelling of the name. (If you are eligible)
  • To check the eligibility of the name correction or change, you must read the Air France Change Name policy or connect with a live representative of the airline.

Offline procedure for Air France Name Change on Ticket

If you are facing any difficulty with the above-given process then, don’t need to worry, because you can connect with a live representative of Air France and fix your change name issue in a very perfect manner and in a short time. To know about the entire procedure, just follow the step-by-step directions.

  • Call the presented phone call number of the travel helpdesk.
  • Over the call, you are allowed to speak with a live representative.
  • Here you need to share your booking number along with the last name of the traveler.
  • After that, you will get the complete facility where you can add your correct name with the help of the live representative.

Air France Change Name Policy

Passengers can get the chance to add their correct name on booked flight tickets but, it can only be possible if the passenger is aware of the Air France change name policy. Here you can see the instructions for the name change.

  • If you have a legal situation or circumstances then, you will get the chance to change your name but, you need to submit associated documents or evidence-based proof to the concerned authority.
  • Passengers will not get permission to transfer their ownership to the other passenger or person.
  • Basic economy class or non-refundable ticket holder can’t change their name without permission from the travel authority.
  • After the correction or change of name, the passenger’s name must be matched with the passport, government-authorized identity proof, or other supporting documents.
  • For Any legal name change, you need to submit related documents such as a divorce or marriage certificate, legal affidavit, or court order.
  • As per the Air France Change Name policy, if any passenger is not eligible to correct/change their name then, he/she will get the chance to change their flight to the same destination.
  • Air France will only allow for minor changes on booked flight tickets.
  • Passengers can correct only three letters from the booked flight ticket name and after correcting, the name must be matched with the government-issued ID.

How much does it cost to change name on Air France ticket?

If you have legal proof to change your name then, you can easily change e it and if it is done within 24 hours from the flight ticket purchase then, name change charges will not be applicable but, in case, a passenger changes their after 24 hours then, the passenger needs to pay 25 to 125 US dollars as name change charges.

  • In maximum time, the name change charges will be calculated from plenty of factors, features, distance, class, fare type, or other major things. There is some category where the passenger is not allowed to change their name or get special permission from the travel authority.
  • If you have incorrect spelling, error, missing name or last name, or other similar situation then, the passenger will get a different or dynamic name change or correction charges depending on the eligibility.
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