How do I Select Seat on American Airlines?

Traveling is a hectic job, but perfect and comfortable seating may make the journey enjoyable. When flying in business or economy class, selecting the perfect seat is always necessary. American Airlines offers various seating options with different classes, along with various food and amenities as preferred by its passengers. Seats with extra legroom, extraordinary entertainment, and premium catering, along with prime locations, are the variants of seats of American Airlines. The Airlines ensure a comfortable journey for all travelers with the flexibility to select their seats. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different methods to know how do I select a seat on American Airlines.

What are the seat options on American Airlines?

  1. Standard Seats mean the basic seats without additional amenities or extra legroom.
  2. Preferred Seats are those seats located in the aisle or window seats near the front of the cabin and these seats come with a fee.
  3. Main Cabin Extra seats come with additional legroom along with other services and free access for elite members.
  4. Premium Economy seats come with wider seats, extra legroom, and additional recline on selected aircraft.
  5. Business Class/First Class seats are featured with lie-flat seats, personalized service, along with exclusive amenities.

Methods to select a seat on American Airlines?

A Perfect seat is very important for a comfortable flight travel as comfortable seats may omit the travel exhaustiveness. Airlines look after the needs of travellers and provide various options for choosing their seats. They can simply select their preferred seats at the time of booking. The option of seat selection is available after entering the passenger’s details on the ticket booking window. American Airlines offers other methods to select customers who failed to book their seats at the time of booking. Let’s go forward to know the other methods of seat selection.

Method 1: Online Seat Selection:

  • Open your web search browser and type the web address on the search bar.
  • Then, the browser will take you to the Airline’s official site.
  • On the site, log in with your username and password.
  • After that, search for the “My Trips” option.
  • Then, enter your booking reference number along with the Passenger’s last name and enter to access the booking.
  • Then, review the booking and click on the option ‘Choose a Seat’.
  • Then, follow on-screen instructions and open the seat map.
  • Then choose your preferred seats and pay for the same, if applicable.

Method 2: Seat Selection at the time of check-in:

Web check-in is also available. The passengers can go for online check-in and the window open 48 hours before the departure time. If you are a passenger, you should go for American Airlines Seat Selection from the available seats shown during check-in process. In this regard, the passenger support officers are ready to help the domestic and overseas passengers.

Method 3: Seat selection at the Airport:

The flyers also get the opportunity to select their seat at the Airport Kiosk. If any passengers miss to select their seat before reaching at Airport check-in counter, then, they can select the same at the counter. However, it must be remembered that getting a preferred seat must depend on the availability of seats.

American Airline’s seat selection fees:

Airlines provide a complimentary seat while booking a seat. But passengers must pay a seat for selecting a seat beyond their reservation. The cost of a seat may vary from seat to seat and depending upon certain factors like seat type, route, fare class, and passenger’s elite status, etc. Generally, the Aisle and American Airlines Seat Selection are more expansive rather than the middle seats. Passengers need to pay for legroom on an average of $50 to $160 for domestic and international flights. However, passengers can get free seats with Elite Plus and can use the miles point for seat selection.

American Airlines seats are complimentary along with booking and they can generally be selected during booking or after booking your flight. Hopefully, passengers can select their preferred seat by following the above steps and making their journey comfortable. If any passengers face trouble while selecting their loved seats, he/she can talk to the officials through the Airline’s support member. The support member will do their best to select your seat.

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