How Do I Change My United Airlines Flight?

According to United Airlines flight change policy, passengers are permitted to reschedule their flight when some unforeseen circumstances occurs, leading to change the flight date. Changing policy incur some charge depending upon the type of the ticket being purchased. Airlines offers the flexibility to make unlimited changes to your flight which means that you can modify your flight date up to 11 months prior to your originally booked date.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy

In accordance with the 24 hours flight date change policy, travelers are allowed to modify the time, origin, destination and travel day in the reservation within a window of 24 hours of purchase at free of cost. In case you exceed this time frame (i.e 24 hours) then you are required to pay some amount plus the cost difference for your next journey if you choose to change your travel after 24 hours.

How to change the flight with United airlines?

United Airlines provides numerous methods to modify a flight ticket. Passengers can choose any of the method based upon their convenience .

Through Online Website

      For changing the united airlines flight date online , here are the few steps you need to go along with:-

  1. Visit the official website of united Airlines

  2. In the landing page of the website, go to the top-right corner and hit the “Login” Button and enter your necessary credentials.

  3. Then, Choose the “My Trips” option and input your confirmation number and  last name.

  4. Next, Click on the search icon to view a list of your reservations.

  5. After this , choose the flight you want to modify and tap on the button labeled “change flight” and explore the flights.

  6. Now, you are required to add new travel dates on the resulting page and explore the flights.

  7. Choose the suitable flight from the options available and make the necessary payment for changing the flight date with United Airlines, if applicable.

   Once you have finished following the steps outlined above, a confirmation message will be sent to your registered email address.

Change Flight by Phone

Passengers have the option to directly contact the airline by using a legitimate customer service number. The initial step is to dial 800-864-8331 in order to be connected with an Airlines customer representative. Once the connection is established, kindly request assistance for changing the flight and carefully follow their provided instructions.

Cost to change the flight date on your united airlines flight

The cost of modifying the flight date is influenced by several factors, including the type of fare, the destination, and the time left until departure. United Airlines does not impose a fee for changing flights between the United States and Canada. Moreover, if you have a refundable fare, you can freely alter the flight date with United Airlines up to 24 hours before departure. However, there is a fee for changing the date of an economy fare flight, ranging from $75 on domestic flights to $500 on international flights.

How to Reschedule a Flight at United Airlines?

Any number of situations could justify rescheduling your flight. It might be an airline canceling any flights because the weather is too bad, it might be due to security risk, or the airline could be short-staffed. You could also need to change your flight because of a personal reason. To entertain passenger change flight requests, the airline has its own rules and policies to cater to the needs of the passenger. We request that passengers know these rules before trying to make any changes. Here, we will try to give insight into “how to reschedule your flight” with step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-step approach to reschedule flight

  1. Passengers must visit
  2. Enter your credentials to log into your account.
  3. Go to the “My Account” section and select the flight you want to cancel or change.
  4. Look for the “Request for Reschedule” option.
  5. Select the flight and make the change as you reschedule the entire journey or just some parts.
  6. After adjusting your travel journey, submit the request.
  7. Once the last step is complete, you will receive a notification confirming your rescheduled flight.

Is there any alternative way to reschedule a flight?

Passengers planning to reschedule United Airlines flight will be glad to know that there are other ways that you can look forward. Here, we will walk you through all the means available to you for rescheduling your flight. Passengers must give their PNR Numbers and other necessary details on the reservation or airline website. After you have put in your flight details, you shall get this page. We have already given elaborate step-by-step directions on how to use this method.

  • Talk to the officials through the helpline number
  • Talk to the representatives via email support
  • Get in touch with the experts through WhatsApp chat
  • Contact the officials through live chat support

Passengers can choose an offline procedure if they want to talk with a live person to get help. Here, you can request a flight rescheduling by contacting the customer care representative of the airline directly. Airlines Customers can easily find the customer care helpline on the United Airlines official website.

What are the conditions of rescheduling a United flight?

The procedure for rescheduling your flight ticket can be easy for some, while on the other hand, it can be pretty disturbing for others. However, we suggest that United Airlines choose the options that suit their comfort. Still, there are many things you should know when rescheduling your flight reservation. Having a good understanding of all the mentioned information will help you a lot and save you from unnecessary trouble and worry.

  • Passengers can reschedule their flight free of charge under a 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • If your scheduled flight is late by 30 min, you can book another United or United Express flight for free.
  • If your flight is delayed or canceled due to severe reasons, such as weather conditions, you can request a flight change without any cost.
  • Understanding all of these pieces of advice will be very helpful for you because it can save you from unnecessary difficulties that bother you without any necessity.
  • If passengers want to change their final destination, they can reschedule their flight.
  • Sometimes, passengers may not get a preferred date for their new flight since they want to reschedule or change their flight. It is possible that you may not get your preferred date. In such a situation, we advise you to cancel your flight and book a new flight reservation.

In the end, we urge you to visit the official website of United Airlines to review their terms and conditions. Here, we have handpicked all the necessary information you may need regarding reschedule United Airlines flight.


Canceling a travel plan is not something passengers look forward to, its mere existence depends on various situations, including those that are not in our hands. That’s the reason we recommend every United Airlines passenger to go through their policy and terms and conditions to ensure smooth future travel. The best way to learn more about the airline policy is to visit their official website, and the most convenient way to contact them is via their customer care helpline number.

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