How to Change Turkish Airlines Flight?

Sudden Changes in passenger traveling Plans are not something that we haven’t heard of before. It is considered normal in today’s scenario, and there can be many reasons behind passenger flight changes. There are a few things every passenger must know about the flight change policy. Flight Change depends on various things and involves different methods and procedures. So, before you start the Flight change or Cancellation procedure, there are some points you must consider in mind. So, be with us for a while, and we will walk you through all the points you must know because it will be going to help you. Having a Beforehand knowledge about the Airline Change Policy and process is something that is going to be beneficial for passengers.

Turkish Airlines flight change policy

Since you are thinking of changing your Flight reservation? We advise you to have a thorough understanding of the Turkey Airlines Flight Change Policy and restrictions specified by the air management.

Here are some highlights of the Flight Change policy:

  • Passengers can change Both Domestic and International Flights.
  • Passengers may have to pay the entire amount of the flight reservation if they haven’t booked the ticket from the official medium.
  • If a passenger changes flight booking within the 24-hour time frame, there will be no additional charges for a flight change.
  • Passengers may have to pay an extra change fee if they fail to make a change within 24 hours after booking.
  • Passengers will be exempt from any charges if their flights are rescheduled or delayed by more than 3 hours.

Turkish Airline Flight Change Process

Do you want to change your flight booking? Well, you will be glad to know that Turkish Airlines offers you a flexible policy that is easy to follow. Passengers can choose between online and offline methods to change their flight booking if you don’t know how to proceed with a Turkish Airlines Flight Change Process. It’s totally up to them which methods they find more comfortable. Here, we will try to provide all the must-know information on online and offline methods available to passengers for flight Change. Passengers should follow the guidelines mentioned below. Here is the step-by-step instruction for passengers to make a Change Turkish Airlines Flight Date.

How to Change Turkish Airlines flight online?

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines
  • Log into your account.
  • Go to the “Manage Booking” Section.
  • Enter “Passenger Name” and “Passenger Record Number” to proceed further.
  • Select flight booking that requires change.
  • Make a change to your flight booking,
  • Pay the applicable fee, if there is any.
  • Confirm the change to receive the notification by email or phone.

How to change a flight booking offline?

Passengers who don’t know how to proceed or are not used to the online process can always use the traditional approach to change Turkish flight. All these are genuine ways of modifying the ticket.

  • Change flight at the ticket counter
  • Change flight at the Kiosk
  • Change flight through phone call
  • Change flight through by sending a request email
  • Change flight by third party agent

How to cancel or change a Turkish flight booking?

Passengers can contact Customer service to cancel or change their flight booking status. You can find the customer care number on their Official website.

  • Visit the and look for the “Get-in-touch” page.
  • Select the Customer care Number assigned to your respective country to get in touch with them.

Whether you want to cancel a ticket, reschedule your flight reservation, or for any other reasons. We strongly advise and suggest passengers contact the Airline Representative for better information about their flight-related issues.

Policy for Refundable and Non-Refundable Tickets 

Passengers are supposed to understand the cancellation and refund policies for getting the refund smoothly. These policies give freedom and help passengers with hard-earned money, but you need to understand these policies to get benefits.

Passengers with refundable tickets are eligible to claim for the refund if they cancel their flights as per the policy. Passengers with non-refundable tickets are also eligible to claim for the refund, but they are not eligible to get the refund amount. Instead, they get partial refund or a future travel credit. Passengers need to be aware of the reschedule Turkish flight depend on the booking method and time of reservation. We advise passengers to read the Airline Fare rules and terms and conditions of flight tickets to know the exact charges applied to cancellation.

How to change/reschedule the Turkish Airlines flight date?

Passengers who want to reschedule the Turkish Airlines Flight date online follow the instructions below. Here we go with the steps to Change Turkish Flight Booking Date Online.

  • Visit the official website and navigate to the MANAGE BOOKING section.
  • Enter the Flight PNR and Last Name.
  • Select the Flight that needs rescheduling.
  • Enter the New date and time for the New Flight booking.
  • Pay the difference of fare and change fee, if there is any.
  • Confirm the amendment to complete the process.

Passengers will receive a new e-ticket notification confirmation on their email address and mobile phone. Whether the passenger wants to cancel their flight booking or make changes for unexpected reasons or personal needs. Turkish Airlines endeavors to offer more flexible options to its passengers to ensure a better traveling experience.

Like any other Airline, Turkish Airlines also strives to cater to the needs of the passengers by making customer-friendly policies. We advise every passenger to visit the Turkish Airlines official website to review the Airline policies, including baggage policy, boarding policy, change and cancellation policy, refund policy, and many more. Having a good knowledge of these various policies will help you save time and your hard-earned money. It will also help you plan a smooth and trouble-free travel journey.

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