Can I change the name on Turkish Airlines Ticket?

How Do I Change Name On Turkish Airlines Ticket?

Unfortunately, if you have entered your incorrect name on the booked flight ticket on Turkish Airlines you can rectify or correct your name after raising the request for the name correction. However, the passenger needs to be aware of the right process for name correction as well as the rules offered by Turkish Airlines. Here you can rid of the incorrect name after reading the entire blog post. Before doing anything, Just, learn about the How Do I Correct Or Edit My Name On a Turkish Airlines Ticket?

What Are the effective options to Correct or Edit My Name on a Turkish Airlines flight ticket?

Any Turkish Airlines ticket holder can go with an online, customer service helpline, or offline facility for name correction. Just, read the step-by-step pointers for each option.

Option 1: Turkish Airlines Name Correction Ticket Online:

  • Towards or go to the MOBILE APPLICATION of Turkish Airlines.
  • Pick the menu of the CHECK-IN/MANAGE BOOKING section.
  • Now, write the correct PNR NUMBER along with other details under the text box.
  • Hit on the ARROW button and pick the FLIGHT TICKET booking.
  • Here you may go to the NAME CORRECTION facility and then, hit on the EDIT option.
  • After that, CORRECT, if you are getting permission.
  • Now, pay the NAME CORRECTION FEES. (If it is compulsory there)
  • Get the new flight e-ticket on your registered email address and mobile number Turkish Airlines.

Option 2: Turkish Airlines Name Correction Ticket through Offline:

Turkish Airlines ticket holder needs to make a call to the given helpline number of the Turkish Airlines customer service helpdesk.

Over the call, just share your BOOKING DETAILS along with the correct name to the LIVE REPRESENTATIVE.

The live representative will check the ELIGIBILITY and get the ASSISTANCE for the NAME CORRECTION PROCEDURE.

Option 3: Turkish Airlines Name Correction Ticket at Airport/Booking Counter:

  • The ticket holders need to visit the RESERVATION COUNTER of Turkish Airlines or reach the AIRPORT.
  • Check out the WINDOW where you may request the NAME CORRECTION APPLICATION FORM.
  • FILL EACH TEXT BOX and attach the GOVERNMENT ID proof.
  • SUBMIT your application form to the ticket booking counter.
  • The ticket booking representative will check the eligibility, authorization, and permission & process your name correction request.

Turkish Airlines Name Correction or Change Policy

  • Passengers will get the opportunity for name correction but, it will also depend on their eligibility.
  • The name correction must be applied within a specific time frame.
  • The basic economy ticket holder will not get the chance for name correction after completing the 24 hours from the booking.
  • If any traveler applies for the name correction within 24 hours of the booking that would be free of cost.
  • According to the Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy, if any traveler does not get permission for the name correction he/she will get the chance to reschedule their flight ticket.
  • The name must cover all travel-related documents.
  • Passengers will get rectification for only 3 spelling errors or mistakes and that will apply to the entire name.
  • Passengers can also apply for the itinerary elements correction such as date of birth, title name of the passenger, middle name, or other.
  • After applying the name rectification, the name must be matched to all the travel documents, especially the government ID.
  • The name correction charges would be applied but, it will be much less as compared to the name change fee.
  • The name correction fees will be 100 to 150 US dollars but, it will be applied after 24 hours from the ticket purchase.
  • Passengers can apply for the name correction only one time and it will apply only for one person from the entire flight ticket of the Turkish airlines.
  • According to the Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy, the name correction must be valid if it has been completed from the right or authorized sources.
  • The name correction would be applicable up to 3 hours from the departure of the flight time.

Note- The name correction is the subject of the physical security so before involving the name correction procedure, the passenger needs to check the eligibility, permission, and authorization of the name correction from the customer service helpdesk of the Turkish Airlines.

How to change my name on Turkish Airlines

  • Visit the Turkish Airlines official website.
  • Click on the “Manage Booking” option.
  • Enter the Booking reference code and the passenger’s last name.
  • Proceed to the flight details page.
  • Choose the name change option.
  • Follow the online process for name correction.
  • Submit a government-authorized ID as proof of legal name.
  • Proceed to the payment page and pay any applicable charges for the name correction.
  • Once payment is made and the name change is confirmed, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

How much does it cost to change names on Turkish Airlines?

If you are travelling to any destination in the USA, you will have to pay between 50 dollar and 60 dollar for the name change. If the passenger booked the ticket using points or is a frequent flier program member, he/she can change the ticket without paying anything to the air management.


If the passenger books a flight through any official Turkish representative, he/she must contact that representative to make changes to their name. Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy offers travelers the flexibility by enabling the passengers for minor changes within 24 hours after booking. Significant corrections can be done after the deadline period but its costs. To guarantee a smooth transition, travelers should research the airline’s specific policies and contact customer care for assistance.

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