How do I Change Name on Alaska Airlines Ticket?

alaska airlines name change ticket

If you have booked an Alaska Airlines flight ticket for your next journey, but you have misspelt your name on the flight ticket? And, now you are searching about the process for Change Name on Alaska Flight Ticket, so don’t worry!

In this post, you will get accurate knowledge about the Alaska Airlines name change rule and policy, so that you can correct or change your name appearing on a booked Alaska flight ticket. Also, you will know the easiest ways to name change on a flight ticket.

How to Change Name on Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket?

You can change or update the name looking on a ticket on Alaska Airlines, through the two easiest ways. These ways included offline contact a phone number connecting with airline customer service representatives and online visiting the Alaska Airlines website to request the name change.

Online Name Change on Ticket via Alaska Airlines Website:

Alaska Airlines permits its travelers to make changes to their name, date of travel and time on their booked flight tickets by visiting the official website of the airline quickly. Here are the steps given to do the same.

  • Firstly, open any web browser and then visit the Alaska Airlines official website.
  • Tap on the Manage Booking category on the homepage.
  • Enter the required details in the given fields. Enter the e-ticket Number and the passenger’s first and last name. Click Continue.
  • Then select your flight booking and click on the Change or Edit option.
  • After that, make the necessary changes or name corrections accordingly.
  • You may need to pay the name change fee, if it is required there, and complete the process.
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation message about your name changed on your reservation at your phone number and email address.


Offline Name Change on Ticket via Phone Call:

This is the most efficient way to the Change Name of the Alaska Flight Ticket. The passenger can make name changes or correct their booked flight such as name change or correct, date change, and time and more, directly by dialing a phone number and connecting representative easily.

  • Dial an Alaska Airlines phone number available 24/7 for assistance.
  • Then, connect with an airline customer service representative and then talk with them regarding your name change issue on your booked flight ticket.
  • The representative will ask you about flight details and personal information and will assist you in changing or correcting your name on your flight bookings.
  • You must provide all the necessary documents for the name change or correction process.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy is the easiest and most flexible to permit passengers to make corrections to their name in various circumstances such as marriage or divorce, legal name change, minor name changes and others.

Let’s see these several circumstances and the related information that is mentioned below:

Marriage and Divorce Case

  • According to the rules and policy, Change Name on Alaska Flight Ticket, the passengers are allowed to make a correction or name change in case of marriage or divorce. However, the passenger will have to present a divorce or marriage certificate or a valid copy of their old and new government-allotted IDs.
  • In the case of marriage, if the passengers newly got married and have a desire to make a change to their last name, they must submit a marriage certificate to the airline authority team.
  • In case of divorce, the passengers will have to submit their court/judicial orders or legal information to the airline authority team to resolve the errors.

Minor Name Changes Case

The passengers are permitted to name corrections or change obvious mistakes free of charge, such as reversal of first and last names, typos, mistakes addition of the last name to the middle name field, etc. However, in some cases, the typos and errors should not go above 3 letters.

Misspelled or Minor Name Change or Error

If passengers need to change or correct a minor name error in the spelling of the passenger name, then as per Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy, the airline permits the passengers to change it.

How much does it cost to change my name on Alaska Airlines ticket?

According to the name change rule, the Change Name on Alaska Flight Ticket is free of charge within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket timing. After the 24-hour purchase ticket, a name change fee will apply. However, sometimes, the name change or correction fee depends on the fare class type or reservation.

Hence, if you need any assistance for Alaska Airlines flights regarding issues or concerns, contact the airline’s customer service team to get quick support and service.

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