How Do I Change Name On United Airlines Flight Ticket?

United Airlines Name Change
United Airlines Name Change on Ticket

If you placed an incorrect name on the booked reservation of United Airlines so don’t need to worry, you can rectify or correct that name, but, the flyers must be aware of the right steps to change their name on a booked reservation as well as name change or correction rules. Before doing anything, just update me about how to change the name on the United Airlines flight ticket.

United Airlines Flight Ticket Online

  • First of all, you need to visit the mobile application or (website) of United Airlines.
  • If you have reached the homepage, just go with the option of the My Trip.
  • Here you need to go with the Manage My Trip facility.
  • Now, write the correct last name as well as the confirmation number in the text box.
  • Hit on the search button and access your flight ticket booking.
  • Under the travel itinerary, just open or edit the Personal Information section.
  • Here you can change or correct your name. (If you are eligible or permitted)
  • After that, pay the name change or correction charges if it is required there.

United Airlines Name Change on Ticket Offline

  • Call on the given phone number of United Airlines.
  • During the call, you will be introduced to a live travel representative of the Airline.
  • Share your booking details as well as requirements or correct spelling of the name.
  • The live representative will assist you in changing or correcting your name on your booked flight ticket with United Airlines.

United Airlines Name Change at Airport

  • To get this facility, you need to visit the nearest airport.
  • After visiting the airport, you need to reach out to the Booking counter of the United.
  • Here you have to fill out the flight name change or correction application form.
  • After that, you have to submit your application form along with your flight ticket.
  • The ticket officer will change or correct your name on the booked flight ticket and collect a new flight ticket. (If you would be eligible)

United Airlines Name Change via Mileage

  • Again, reach out to the website or mobile app of the United.
  • Now, you have to pick the Mileage Login option.
  • After that, enter the correct Mileage number, last name, and PIN.
  • Next, you have to hit on the Manage Booking facility.
  • After that, you have to modify your name using the editing feature.
  • Hit on the submit button.

United Airlines Name Change Policy

If you have booked a flight ticket under the Mileage Plus program then, you are allowed to change your name but, you need to submit supporting documents at least 14 days before the departure of the flight time.

  • Generally, passengers will not get permission to change their entire name but, passengers can only change three letters of their name without any kind of supporting documents.
  • As per the United Airlines Nam change rules, passengers can only change or correct name spelling from the website or mobile app of United Airlines.
  • The passenger is not allowed to transfer the flight ticket ownership to the other passenger.
  • Passenger will have the liberty to change their legal name only in event-based circumstances and he/she need to submit supporting documents such as marriage certificates or papers or divorce.
  • Normally, passengers will not get any kind of name change fee but, if the 24 hours have been completed from the flight ticket purchase then, the passenger needs to pay 25 US dollars to 75 US dollars as a name change fee but, it will also depend on the various features of the passenger’s flight ticket namely class, distance, duration, destination place or time.
  • Basic economy ticket holders are not allowed to change or correct their name if 24 hours have passed.

Types of United Airlines Name Correction

Passengers can experience various types of name correction with United Airlines. Just, follow each method and learn about the United Airlines Name correction rules.

Simple Name Correction:

Here passengers will get the chance to correct typo errors spelling of the name but, it will apply only to the first and last names.

Under the simple name rules, passenger can correct their nickname and prefix or title name on booked flight tickets.

Significant Correction of the Name:

  • This is based on the support documents where the passenger needs to submit event-based documents such as marriage or divorce certificates.
  • In Significant modification, the passenger’s name must match the authorized government-issued legal document.
  • Passengers are allowed to correct or change their name at least 24 hours from the departure of the flight time.

Affidavit-based name change or correction:

  • Passengers are allowed to rectify or modify their incorrect names with help of the legal documents.
  • The passenger needs to submit the legal document in the form of an Affidavit as well as an authorized government ID.

Therefore, name correction charges will not be applicable in all the above categories but, the passenger needs to follow the norms or rules of the United Airlines name change as well as correction.

United Airlines Name Correction Rules

If you want to rectify your mistakes for first and last names. So, just follow the below-presented steps.

  • Firstly, you have to check out the correct PNR name.
  • Match your name with government-provided identity proof.
  • Travelers must follow the OSI message to the correct name on the booked flight ticket.

United Airlines name correction or change fees are not the same for every traveler because it depends on the size of the name, class, distance, country, or other major factors but, there is some standard offered by United Airlines where travelers will pay 75 US dollars to 500 US dollars as a United Airlines name correction or change fees.

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