How do I change the name on my Cathay Pacific ticket?

If you are looking for instant help for the name change on your Cathay Pacific flight ticket reservation it is possible but, you must understand the Name Change Policy and procedure of the name change. Here you can learn ‘how to change your name on a Cathay Pacific flight ticket’.

Change Name On Cathay Pacific Flight Ticket on Website/App

  • Reach the website or App: Now, go to the website namely, or the mobile application of Cathay Pacific.
  • Pick the Manage Booking facility: You have to hit on the Flight option and go with the Manage Booking menu.
  • Enter the details: Now, you have to write some essential details about the flight ticket namely the e-ticket number or other things. (You can also complete the manage booking facility using the sign-in option)
  • Access your booking: After visiting the flight ticket, you need to visit the booking itinerary where you have to visit the name change section.
  • Change/Correct Name: Now, you can change or correct your name but, you must be eligible for the name change.
  • Pay Name Change Fee: After changing the name, just receive your entire elements of the flight ticket and pay the name change fee. (According to the Cathay Pacific Name Change Policy)

Therefore, you will get the new e-ticket on the registered email or phone number, if you have learned ‘how To Change your Name On a Cathay Pacific Flight Ticket’.

Change Name On Cathay Pacific Flight Ticket Offline

  • You must call the provided helpline number of Cathay Pacific Airlines.
  • If the call is connected then, you need to share your details with the live travel executive of the airline.
  • Then, you can avail the best possible solution for the name change or correction.

Cathay Pacific Name Change/Correction Policy

The name change is a very sensitive issue because it can increase the risk of the security for the entire airport or flight then, Maximum airlines like Cathay Pacific offer strict name change policies to their travelers. Here you will get the complete details about the Cathay Pacific Name change policy.

  • As per the policy, passengers will not get the opportunity to change the entire name spelling from the booking of the Cathay Pacific.
  • If any passenger wants to get the eligibility for the name change then, he/she needs to submit legitimate, legal, and authorized documents to the travel authority.
  • According to the Cathay Pacific Name Change Policy, passenger can only change their name when he/she will submit the associated documents namely affidavits, marriage certificates, adoption certificates or birth certificates, or divorce papers.
  • After approval of the documents, the passenger will get the chance to name change.
  • If any passenger is unable to change their name then, he/she can pick the upcoming travel date and reschedule their flight.
  • Passenger will not have the chance to forward their flight ticket ownership to the other flyer.
  • If a passenger is holding the authorized documents then, he/she can apply for the name change but, the name change charges would apply to the ticket holder.
  • Passenger can change their name at least 3 hours before the departure of the flight time.
  • Cathay Pacific Name Change rules will apply to all the ticket holders of Cathay Pacific.
  • The name change charges will automatically be deducted from the passenger’s flight ticket and the passenger doesn’t need to pay it separately.
  • If a passenger is getting the chance to the minor changes then, the passenger can only correct a minimum of 3 characters of the flight ticket.

Cathay Pacific Name Change Fee

  • The name change charges can be different for each traveler because it will calculate the various things from the passenger flight ticket such as destination place, class, duration, distance, fare type, or other essential things.
  • As per the Cathay Pacific Name Change rule, the passenger needs to pay approximately 100 to 250 US dollars as a name change charge.
  • If someone is looking for minor changes then, he/she needs to provide around 100 to 200 US dollars.
  • For the middle name change, the passenger needs to give around 200 US dollars as the Cathay Pacific Name Change fee.
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