How to Change Name on Air Transat Ticket

Did you make a flight reservation with Air Transat Airlines and later found that the name on the flight ticket is not exact as in government issued authenticated documents?Are you looking for a way to rectify the name on your Air Transat  flight ticket after making a typographical error?  Do not worry, Passengers generally tend to make blunders while they are booking their flight ticket due to which they face trouble during check-in or security checks.Air transat name change policy offers flexible and smooth way to make amendments to ensure smooth travel.

In this article , we will go through all the necessary points that should be taken into consideration and will provide comprehensive steps for changing the name on the flight ticket without any hassle.

Air Transat Name Change Policy 

In compliance with Air Transat Name change policy , passengers are permitted to make minor changes like wrong spelling or erroneous order of first name and last name in their flight  ticket  without any name change fees. The airline aims to offer affordable and comfortable travel services.

Terms and conditions

Air Transat has some rules and regulations  for the passengers requesting for the name change. Please follow the outlined points:-

  1. Airlines do not permit travelers to make full name changes , except in case of legal name changes i.e. The airline strictly prohibits transferring tickets to another person as they are non-transferable.

  2.   Passengers are only allowed to request one name change or correction per person.

  3. If a passenger’s name is misspelled on a booked ticket, travel agents are allowed to make corrections.

  4. Passengers have the option to request a name change before receiving their boarding pass from Air Transat.

  5.  It is crucial for passengers to correct or change their bookings at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

NOTE : It is important to note that Air Transat only allows name changes for unused tickets. If you need to change your name on an existing PNR (Passenger Name Record), alterations will be required. In some cases, completely changing your name may necessitate purchasing a new ticket.

How to Make Changes in Air Transat Airlines Tickets?

Airlines offers online and offline option to its passengers to change or correct name on the ticket.

i) Online Website

Follow the below mentioned step by step instructions to make  changes online :-

  1. Visit the official website of the Transat airlines.

  2. Go to the top right corner of the  home page and search for “Manage Booking” section.

  3. Make use of Air Transat’s Manage Booking feature , click on icon being displayed and fill out your important information which includes passenger’s first name , last name , confirmation number and departure date.

  4. After this, click on continue to retrieve your booking and choose the reservation whose name is to be modified. For changes or corrections to an Air Transat airline ticket, click on the option for name change requests.

  5.  Adhere to the instructions provided on the website to successfully complete the process.

  6. It is important to note that if you need to change the name on an Air Transat booking, there may be a fee associated with the name change. Once your request for changes has been processed, the airline will send you a new confirmation email.

ii) Through Phone

One of the most easiest and convenient way to change name in Air Transat airlines flight ticket is getting in touch with the customer representative.

The process involves following a set of steps provided by Air Transat.

  1. Go to the official website and hit the “contact us” button on the home page.

  2. Then ,Select “Contact us by Phone”.

  3. In this way , you can reach out to Air Transat’s customer care unit  via phone .

iii) Help desk at the airport 

if you are present at the airport then ,the airport help desk is the best option for the Air Transat name change policy. They can assist with the other issues like check-in and boarding as well.

  • It is requested to reach early at the Airport counter before the scheduled departure of the flight.

  • Then , Communicate with the  agent and explain your concern to them.

  • Customer Representative will questions your flight details , it is crucial to provide both the booking reference number and ticket confirmation code.

  • Provide  requested details to agents, which may involve flight and personal information.

  • An agent will analyze shared details, check availability, and document validity before responding to passengers.

  • Airport staff may need more time to address passenger requests for minor or major corrections/changes.

  • To submit legal and relevant documents, complete the request.

  • To change the name on an Air Transat flight reservation, submit a request or pay the required fee and fare differences.

  • Passengers can obtain a revised ticket with the correct information or proceed to the boarding area with their boarding pass.

Air Transat Name Change Fee

Air Transat charges a fee for passengers who want to change or correct their names on a ticket. The amount of the fee depends on factors such as fare type, seat type, departure destination, time of request, and extent of correction.

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