How to Change Name on Allegiant Air Ticket?

If everything is good but, your name has been mentioned incorrectly so don’t need to worry, because mistakes can happen anytime and you will get the chance to correct it. If you are holding a flight ticket from Allegiant Air and want to rectification on your incorrect name it can be possible but, you have to be aware of the right procedure, rules, charges, or other things. Here you may collect all the name change-related details of Allegiant Air. Just, read the step-by-step directions and learn how Do I change the name on Allegiant Air.

Allegiant Air Name Change on Ticket By Website/Mobile App:

  • To know the name rectification procedure, just go to the website or reach the Allegiant Air Mobile app.
  • Here you may choose the Manage Trip label.
  • Mention the First & Last Current Name along with the Confirmation Number.
  • Hit on the Find My Trip button and check out your flight ticket booking.
  • Here you have to pick the Name Change option.
  • Now, apply the rectification to your name. (If you are permitted)
  • Lastly, you must pay the name change fees. (If it is compulsory)

Allegiant Air Name Change on Ticket By Phone Call: 

  • You may also improve your incorrect name using the customer service helpdesk of Allegiant Air.
  • Just, connect with a live representative using the presented helpline number.
  • Share your travel details namely ticket number, date of journey or other also provide the right name.
  • Get quick help with the name change process or guidance from the live representative.

Allegiant Air Name Change on Ticket at Airport: 

  • You need to check out the nearby airport in your region state or city.
  • Now, go to the booking counter of Allegiant Air, here you have to fill out the name change application form.
  • After filling in all the entries, just submit your application form along with your government ID.
  • The ticket officer will check the authorization or eligibility and apply for rectification.

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy:

The name change is a sensitive concern for any airline because it can be a breach of physical security so you may face some strict orders and guidelines offered by the airline. Allegiant Air name change policy also covers all the conditions or situations and creates availability for the name change in an ethical manner.

  • As per the rule, the flyer may apply only one time for the name change.
  • The flyer can raise the name change request for a single person.
  • The name change request will complete the specific time frame.
  • If any flyer does not qualify for the eligibility criteria for the name change then, he/she can make the chance to reschedule their flight ticket with minimum charges.
  • The name change will be applicable if it is completed from authorized sources.
  • As per the Allegiant Air Name Change Policy, Flyer will not get the permission or right to apply for the entire name change.
  • If the flyer submits the legal reasons or authorized documents then, he/she can go for the entire name change on Allegiant Air.
  • The name change must be completed up to 3 hours before the departure of the flight time.
  • Basic economy ticket fare flyer can’t apply for the name change if the 24 hours have been completed from the booking but, he/she can apply for the flight reschedule.

Types of Name Change on Allegiant Air:

Here are various types of name changes offered by Allegiant Air:

Typographic Name Change:

If anyone added incorrect spelling or special characters on their booked flight ticket of Allegiant Air, it can be rectified with minimum correction charges.

Marriage or Divorce Name Changes:

If anyone submits the event-based conditions such as divorce papers or marriage certificates, there is the chance to change the entire name on their Allegiant Air flight ticket.

Adoption Name change:

Due to the adoption, if someone wants to apply for the name change then, the flyer needs to submit the adoption certificate and then, apply for the name change.

Allegiant Air Name Correction Rules:

Unfortunately, any flyer mentioned the incorrect name or spelling error on their flight ticket of the Allegiant Air. So, just read the given instructions and correct your name with very little effort using the Allegiant Air Name Correction guidelines.

  • The name correction can apply before departure of the flight time.
  • The flyer will get the right to correct a maximum of 3 spelling errors or characters on their name.
  • Flyer can also rectify their booking information such as date of birth middle name or title name.
  • The name correction charges will consider the fare type situation or category of the flight ticket.
  • After raising the request for the name correct it must be matched from the entire travel documents.
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