How To Change Name On American Airlines Ticket?

American Airlines Name Change
American Airlines Name Change on Ticket

If you have mentioned the incorrect name on your booked flight reservation with American Airlines and looking for immediate help to rectify or change your name you must understand the change process as well as the policy. Here you can avail the latest details about the name change or correction offered by American Airlines. If you wish to know ‘How to change your name on an American Airlines ticket’ then, read the given steps.

Change Name On American Airlines Ticket Online:

To understand the whole process of the Name change, just read the step-by-step pointers without skipping.

  • Earlier, you have to reach the legitimate sources website or mobile app of American Airlines.
  • After reaching the web/app, just go to the Manage My Booking menu.
  • Here you have to write the E-ticket or booking number along with your last name.
  • Lastly, hit the Search button where you may reach the itinerary.
  • Now, go to the section of the name change. (If the option is enabled then, you are eligible for the name change)
  • Next, rectify or change your name and go to the payment option where you have to pay the name change fee. (If it is required)
  • After correcting your name, American Airlines will provide the new flight ticket on the associated email address and mobile number.

Change Name On American Airlines Ticket By Phone:

  • Earlier, you need to make a phone call to the customer service helpdesk number of American Airlines.
  • After connecting with a live representative, just share your booking information namely the e-ticket number as well as other specific details.
  • Next, share your correct name and avail yourself of quick help from the live representative of the AA.

Change Name On American Airlines Ticket By Airport:

  • Reach the reservation counter or nearby Airport.
  • After visiting the booking counter, just fill out the application form.
  • Next, share your application form with the ticket officer and you may also provide the legal documents or authorized government ID.
  • Avail assistance for the name change from the ticket officer.

American Airlines Name Change Guidelines:

The name change guidelines will cover all the situations or aspects and it will apply to all the ticket holders of American Airlines.

  • Passenger can only change their name from legal sources such as mobile apps or websites or directly from the booking center of the AA.
  • If someone is not permitted to name change then, he/she can change their flight to the same destination or location.
  • As per the American Airlines Name Change rules, it will not cover some categories namely child reservation, award ticket holder, or group reservation.
  • The passenger needs to provide legitimate or authorized documents and then, check the eligibility for the name change.

American Airlines Name Correction on Ticket:

  • Passengers will get the chance for minor corrections where you can avail name correction process from the website or mobile app of the AA.
  • American Airlines will provide a maximum of 3 characters for the name correction.
  • Apart from that, passengers will get the leverage to correct other information on booked flight reservations namely title name, last name correction, date of birth correction, or others.
  • The name correction will not be applicable if the 3 hours have been completed from the departure of the flight time.
  • The name correction is also the subject of the availability where the passenger needs to check the eligibility.
  • After applying the name correction request, the correct name must be matched to the travel documents.

American Airlines Name Change Policy:

Passenger can’t change their entire name but, it can also be rectified after submitting the legal or authorized documents.

  • If someone is sharing legal or authorized documents such as marriage certificates, divorce papers, adoption certificates affidavits, or another specific document.
  • The name change request must be raised at least 7 days before the departure of the flight time.
  • If someone doesn’t raise the name change request within a specific period then, connect with the customer service travel desk of the AA.
  • As per the American Airlines Name Change Policy, if the name change request has been completed then, the name must be matched from your journey papers or documents namely passport, immigration papers, boarding password, and legal government ID.
  • Passengers can also apply for the middle name change without any supporting documents but, charges would be applied.
  • If the documents are not approved by the travel authority then, the passenger can reschedule or change their flight to the same location.

American Airlines Name Change Fee:

Usually, the name change fee will cover various aspects or conditions as well as distance, time, fare type, class, category, or other essential things.

Apart from that, the passenger needs to provide around 150 to 250 USD as an American Airlines name change fee.

There are a few categories where passengers will get relaxation or minimal charges for the name changes.

If someone is looking for a minor correction then, it would be free of cost within 24 hours from the booking, and after that, he/she needs to pay around 75 US dollars to 150 US dollars as a name correction fee.

  • In case, someone wants to change or rectify their middle name then, he/she needs to provide around 150 to 200 US dollars as a name correction fee.
  • If anyone is looking for a legal name change then, he/she needs to give around 200 US dollars as a legal name change or rectification.

American Airlines’ Name Correction Policy

If someone wishes to rectify their name on a booked flight ticket with American Airlines then, read the presented steps and learn the American Airlines Name Correction Policy where you can check the eligibility of the name correction as well as understand the actual rules or regulations before starting the name correction process.

  • The name correction is subject to check the eligibility and if someone is unable to correct their name then, he/she can change or reschedule their flight ticket.
  • Passenger will get the liberty to correct their only 3 characters from the incorrect name.
  • If the name is incorrect more than 3 characters and the passenger wants to correct it then, connect with the travel helpdesk of American Airlines.
  • The name correction will only be applicable from legitimate sources namely the website or mobile application of American Airlines or directly from the helpline number or from the reservation counter of American Airlines.
  • Basic economy ticket holder can’t rectify their name after 24 hours from the flight ticket booking.
  • After correcting your name, the name must be matched with the travel documents as well as the authorized government ID.
  • As per the American Airlines Name Correction Policy, it will not be applicable for infant, group reservations, and pet booking.

Minor Name Correction:

  • The correction will be applicable on the same PNR number.
  • The minor correction will be without much more effort and eligibility criteria but, fare type or class will also depend on the minor name correction.

Major Name Correction:

The passenger needs to provide the new PNR under the below conditions:

  • The R would inventory the flight ticket.
  • AA or One world codeshares
  • Non-one world would carry.
  • The major correction would apply only to 3 characters and apart from that, passengers can also apply for the title name correction or other itinerary corrections on booked flight tickets from American Airlines.
  • The major name correction will be applicable for the second last name or surname of the passenger.
  • Apart from that, the passenger needs to pay the major name correction fees as per the rules.

Legal name correction:

If someone is holding legal documents namely divorce papers, adoption certificates, affidavits, or marriage certificates then, the passenger would be eligible for the name correction but, the name correction charges will be applied.

  • For the legal name correction, the passenger needs to raise a name correction request at least 7 days before the departure of the flight time along with documents.
  • The corrected name must be matched from the documents namely passport, boarding pass, visa, or other travel documents.

American Airlines Name Correction Ticket by Web/App:

  • You have to visit the URL or install the AA mobile application.
  • After visiting the homepage, go to the menu of Manage My Booking.
  • Enter the PNR or ticket number as well as other details and hit the search button.
  • Access your booking information for the flight ticket and go with the name correction option.
  • Apply for the rectification or correction and hit on the next button.
  • Here you have to pay the name correction fee as per the rule of the AA.

American Airlines Name Correction Ticket by Phone:

  • To get the name correction process by the helpline number so just call the presented phone call on American Airlines.
  • Next, speak with a live representative of the AA and share your booking information.
  • After that, you may avail yourself of complete help for the name correction by the live representative of American Airlines.

American Airlines Name Correction Ticket Offline:

  • You must visit the booking counter of the AA or reach the nearby airport.
  • Next, fill out the name correction application form and share it with the ticket officer.
  • You may check the eligibility and correct your name by the ticket booking officer.
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