How to Change Name on Etihad Airways Flight Ticket

etihad airways name change

Etihad Airways allows passengers to modify or change to the flight tickets. However, there is a catch! These changes can be subject to certain conditions and additional fees. Additionally, passengers are not allowed to change their name from one person to a different person on their flight ticket. The airline will issue you an extra ticket if there is a genuine typo error on your ticket. We will remind you to review the airline policy before initiating the name change procedure. We would like to emphasize and encourage the passengers to travel under their correct name only. If the name on the ticket and the ID don’t match, passengers cannot board the flight. Passengers need to ensure that they book their flight with a new name as per Etihad Airways name change policy.

Name Change Eligibility: Etihad Airways allows its passengers to change their name under certain circumstances. It gives freedom to customers in case of minor typographical errors or changes due to legal reasons.

Types of Name Changes: Name changes on flight ticket procedures can vary in different situations. Simple typographical errors of up to 3 characters have no additional fee. You may have to pay the extra charge if your change exceeds the limit.

Legal Name Modification: Sometimes, the passenger needs to change their name due to legal reasons such as marriage and divorce. In that case, you must present the supporting documents to the airline representative.

Etihad Airways Name Change Policy

  • Passengers are allowed to request name correction only on the refundable ticket or non-restricted fare only.
  • Traveler can also apply for the name change on their unused portion of the ticket.
  • You must request for name change 24 hours before scheduled departure otherwise you have to pay the additional fee charge applicable to you.
  • Your Bank may also charge some additional fees apart from the name change fee.
  • In case of multiple fares, then the most restricted fare rule may apply to you.
  • Name change fees apply to every ticket that requires a name change.
  • There is no fee attached to name changes up to 3 characters. You may have to pay the addition only if you exceed the limit of 3 characters.
  • Passengers are only allowed to make changes to their tickets one time only.
  • The passengers should request the same person who is listed on the flight ticket.
  • Passengers are not allowed for a name change within 24 hours from the purchase of the ticket. In that case, Passengers need to request the cancellation, and then rebook the flight with the correct name.

How to change name in Etihad Airways flight ticket?

Etihad passengers can make name change requests via online or offline mode. A passenger can proceed with any method that suits your comfort. Here, we will provide a step-by-step guide through both ways to help you learn.

  • Visit the official website and login to your account
  • Go to the ‘Manage Booking” section to enter the booking details and retrieve your flight booking.
  • Select the passenger’s name that requires correction.
  • Select the “Change Name” and enter the correct name of the passenger in the required field.
  • Attach a copy of your passport or government-issued ID to support your name change.
  • Pay the applicable fee for name correction.
  • Wait for the couple, as name change requests on the flight ticket can take up to 3-4 hours.
  • Once the request is complete, the airline will send you an email with an updated name of your ticket.
  •  Passengers must review the Etihad Airways policy before starting the name change procedure.

Change name at the airport

Etihad passengers can visit the nearest airport counter to request a name change on their flight ticket. Remember to bring all the necessary documents to support your Etihad Airways name change on ticket request. Airline representatives will help you and guide you through the name change process for your ticket.

Change name through a phone call

Travel aspirants must know that not all names on your tickets can be corrected online. In case of a legal name change, or to eliminate duplicate names, passengers can call the Etihad customer care service phone number. To correct your name over the phone, you need to complete your name change request as per Etihad Airways name change policy. Before initiating any change to the name on your Etihad flight booking, ensure to understand their airline policy and requirements. If you are still going through any trouble and not aware of how to find the solution, contact the Etihad Customer Care Support Team directly.

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