How do I Change Date on American Airlines?

How To Change Flight Date On American Airlines?

American Airlines tries to provide excellent leverage through its inflight amenities, flexible policies, and low-fare deals. Apart from that, it offers a flight date change facility where any flyer can modify their travel date without any additional charges. So, if your upcoming AA journey has been postponed and want to modify your flight ticket date read the flight date change policy and procedure.

Change Flight Date on American Airlines Online

If you are permitted to change your flight date then, you must visit the point-to-point steps.

  • Open the web/App of AA: Initially, you must go to a reliable search engine and type or install the mobile app of AA from the Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Towards Manage My Travel: Reach out to the MANAGE MY TRAVEL facility where you must mention the RESERVATION NUMBER along with the LAST NAME of the flyer.
  • Pick the Flight Date: Now, go to the BOOKING ITINERARY of the flight ticket where you may choose your FLIGHT TICKET DATE, and then, hit on the FLIGHT as per your choice or availability.
  • Go to the Payment Option: Now, reach the right payment facility and pay the FLIGHT CHANGE FEE. (If it is applied)

Change Flight Date on American Airlines on Phone

  • You must make a phone call to the presented helpline number of the AA.
  • Speak with a live person and share your recent booking details from the flight ticket namely ticket number, last name, or other.
  • You have to provide the expected flight details such as booking date, flight type, time, or other.
  •  Avail the comprehensive help for the American Airlines Flight Date Change from the enthusiastic and experienced live travel representative of the AA.

Change Flight Date on American Airlines Offline

If you don’t want to change your flight ticket date web or app or helpline number you must follow the offline facility.

  • Try to reach the booking counter of the AA or visit the nearest airport.
  • After visiting the reservation counter, just fill out the flight date change application form.
  • Here you need to mention the upcoming flight details.
  • Next, submit it to the travel officer and then, get the best possible help for flight date change from the live travel officer of the AA.

American Airlines Flight Date Change Guidelines:

If someone wishes to change their booking date then, he/she must be aware of the flight date change rules offered by American Airlines where any flyer can update the charges, eligibility, and various aspects and change their booking date without paying an additional fee.

  • The date change is subject to the availability of the same location and also, the date change charges may differ according to the situation or location or specific date.
  • If the flyer is facing a delayed flight more than 5 hours from the departure time or a canceled flight experience then, raise the flight date change request without any cost.
  • No date change charges would be applied if the request has been raised within 24 hours of the flight ticket purchase.
  • As per the American Airlines Flight Date Change Rules, if the new flight date fare is high as compared to the recent running flight ticket fare then, pay the additional charges.
  • If any flyer is submitting the flight date change request from the government, military, or judicial orders then, you have to get the facility for the flight date change without any additional fee.
  • In case, a flight is missed or emergency, passenger can change their flight date after permission from the travel authority.

American Airlines Flight Reschedule Rules:

The flight reschedule is subject to the flight’s availability on the specific date if the flight is available or high fare then, the passenger must try to flexible flight schedule option.

  • The flight rescheduling charges would be applicable after 24 hours from the booking and they will be based on the time, distance, class, specific date, destination place, or other major factors.
  • Basic economy ticket holder can’t reschedule their flight ticket after 24 hours from the ticket purchase.
  • The flyer will get the leverage the reschedule their flight ticket up to 3 hours from the departure of the flight time.
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